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The New Way To Success

Magetrue Solutions Pvt Ltd is a joint venture of top professionals who have witnessed the unprofessional work culture of Indian companies. We saw how clients were fleeced into paying on many promises only to realize nothing credible resulted. We also observed many companies who were just fronts for foreign establishments and worked only when complained to their masters, abroad. We all thought it was time to join hands and initiate a company which walked its talk and offer professional services under one roof. We have the best professionals who are nurtured to carry out the work for their customers and give them what they want within their budget limit. With this humble beginning we marched steadily and boast of having permanent clients and pledge to increase this number phenomenally.


We have worked for different multinational companies and understood how meticulous planning paves the way for credible client experience. We also saw where we Indians lacked and decided to iron out the issues before formally launching Magetrue Solutions Pvt Ltd. Before quitting our jobs we all handled our portfolios professionally and bring a decade of experience to benefit all clients who join us. To sum up, our group has tremendous experience in web design; web development, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), server administration & maintenance and all related tasks. Needless to add, we uphold the top values of client servicing and proudly announce that almost all of our clients have stayed with us since beginning their innings.
Magetrue Solutions Pvt Ltd welcomes your approaching us to partner in all your businesses. We will be mighty glad to stand besides you and help in achieving what you desire making your presence felt online. We want you to rest assured that you are in safe hands always and we will leave no stone unturned to keep our service standards higher. We also want to assure that you will never regret for choosing us as your service provider.

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Our Future Plans

Magetrue Solutions Pvt Ltd has already achieved many milestones in customer satisfaction. Many of our small time customers have made it big and continue with us even today. As an equal opportunity employer we aim to introduce many new services and give chance to freshers and groom them into future specialists. We want to grow exponentially while keeping our faith and belief on all who are associated with us. Monetary gains apart, we want to make Magetrue Solutions Pvt Ltd a name which all our clients can proudly associate with their businesses.

Our Distinctive Specialization

Magetrue Solutions Pvt Ltd has distinct departments for several areas of web development. We also hire independent specialists from time to time to handle specific tasks. For example take the department for PPC as well as SEO and likewise for designing and development. We know how to utilize right kind of manpower needed to indulge for perfect development of website in every aspect. We have all the tools needed to evolve into a real online giant within a short span of time.

Our Goals

All big companies start small, take the baby steps first. We do understand this very well and do not treat small customer any different. As professionals we came together to provide the best services to all irrespective of their business size. Magetrue Solutions Pvt Ltd is steadfast on the principle of giving quality web designing services to people all around globe and especially in India. Our packages start from the lowest so that even people from low budget can get quality services that they dream of.

Our Team

Amit Singh


Ashutosh Nayak


Mohamad Musarf