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Today, e-Commerce is the new way of selling and the world has woken up to this reality. Not only this is convenient, as your store can remain open 24x7, it clears the burden of stocking each and every item. In fact, there is no compulsion of keeping an inventory and you can easily procure the purchased item and ship later.

Why Magento?

Today’s consumers and their buying patterns are changing by the minute. Only the Magento platform which is open source and agile can help you adapt and thrive. It is the most secure platform opted by biggies which allows vertical expansion with least of headaches! Only Magento gives you the flexibility to customize and extend your platform to create unique and different experiences. It allows you to adapt fast, and stay ahead of changing customer buying patterns.

You may wonder how we do it and what our Mantra is!

Let us put it this way.

We work step-by step.

Modular Approach

Our e-commerce web design & development in Magento is fully modular in approach, with two distinct advantages.

  • The store is extremely easy to extend. Adding new features is a breezy affair and does not need re-coding the entire site.

  • New features can be added or removed as and when the need arises.

Examples: Special Festival Discounts, Free Deliveries, Loyalty Bonus Additions, Currency Converter, Special Affiliate Programs etc. Many of our clients ask for special promotions during Christmas which are limited by specific dates and simply stop past the set date. This scheme can be easily added which withdraws automatically, on its own!

Orders Management

Customers Management

Products Management

Categories Management

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

Fully Secure Websites

Our coders efficiently block all doors which can be opened forcibly. Our tried & tested modules come at no extra cost and you can focus on your business. We even monitor your backend continuously for any suspicious activity.

Multilingual and Multi-currency Support

Our Content Writers write real multilingual text, that match the currency applied. This ensures total customer satisfaction. For example, if any customer opens the site in India, the major language Hindi appears and so does some of the local flavor. Also, as per customer’s needs, we add multiple payment modes.

Quick One-page Checkout Option

Visitors can select multiple products and pay only once. There is no need to buy every product individually and pay separately during checkout.

Responsive websites adjust to Mobile, iPad and Desktop

Today mobile visitors come in hordes and our designers carefully craft designs that automatically adjust for mobile, iPad and desktops. Our e-Commerce designers use best practices in Magento to deliver exact experience to all visitors.

The fonts beautifully adjust to the new layout and so do the pictures for that perfect viewing experience. All changes happen on the fly and they are so smooth, your visitor stays on the device of his choice and completes shopping. In short, irrespective of the device, your visitor will never jump off. Your Bounce Rate will always stay low; pleasing Google and help you scale the rankings.

"Unique Magento based e-Commerce Design & Development Service in Delhi, India"

Why Choose Us?

Long Term Association is what we strive for!

For us, every customer is equal. We strive to forge long term associations and we throw in complimentary training for your staff, Q&A sessions on new and upcoming technologies and solve your practical difficulties. We are your one-stop-shop for all your needs.

For the past 10 years we have served many industries and handled small and big websites, including for the startups. We are proud to boast that more than half of our clients gave repeated orders and recommended us to many. We are eager to work with you.

Other Salient Features of Our Magento-based e-Commerce Website Design Cross-browser Support

Our coders ensure visitors coming from every browser have similar experience. This improves user interaction, spending and also improves the website ranking on search engine result pages.

Dedicated Teams

Our web designing team has different sections (roughly speaking about 11 of them). Some of them are Graphic Designers, layout experts, broad web developers, module developers, and coders, hosting experts, content writers … who are expert at their tasks and work without any supervision. BTW, we also have copywriters on board, just in case you need them!

Standard Features of our e-Commerce websites based on Magento 2

  • Beautiful & Responsive Layout for Quick Conversion

  • Search-engine friendly design using our exceptional custom-prepared solution

  • Powerful & Extensive product search for quick selection

  • Related products to facilitate up-selling opportunities

  • ‘Customers also bought’ products, automatically calculated to facilitate up-selling opportunities

  • View detailed product sales reports (quantity, value, date, items purchased etc.,)

  • One-page checkout for easy purchase

  • Scroll bar for cross-selling products

  • Complete self-management of all products, categories, orders, shipping calculations, etc.

  • Add/edit or delete an unlimited number of products and product categories

  • Customer profile, order history, order status tracking and personalized emailing system.

  • Accept multimodal payments

  • Barcode integration for warehouse management and stock distribution

  • Create offers using promotion codes

  • Google analytics integration

For online stores there is just a small problem (which is indeed a biggie for many). Studies show that a visitor only spends less than 2 seconds to form an impression about your website. Most websites designed in delhi, India, struggle with this and in order to meet this stringent requirement, they compromise on the layout and beauty. BUT we design beautiful Magento based e-Commerce business websites that grab visitor’s attention within 1.9 seconds. Isn’t that an achievement? All our delhi-India clients agree!
All our e-Commerce websites are unique for each client. This is because each and every website has its own unique characteristic which is based upon the business ethics, which company is modeling on.

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