Pay Per Click Services

Establishing a business is easy but getting business is not. Similarly, getting visitors to a website is the most difficult task. You may have awesome content, out-of-this-world services but unless you find a way to make the outside world aware of this, all of your efforts for getting business are zero.

The Limiting Factor for Running PPC Campaign

Money is the major factor. The reason is very simple. Google is the only search engine popular in India, and millions of websites want to rank on top and the charges are quite hefty. If thousands of visitors click your link—immaterial whether you get business or not—Google charges you for these clicks and your initial deposit may exhaust in no time.

Unless you have deep pockets or you can afford to invest heavily, at least initially, PPC is the best bet. As an alternate, you can also spend some money on PPC and also invest in SEO services and try to do a mix-and-match and wait-and-watch type of campaigns.

Advertising with PPC

Most firms utilize this way out to get traffic. Whenever someone searches a particular keyword, say Web Hosting, your website name appears on top of that search result. When the visitor clicks on your advertisement link, Google brings the visitor to your site and you pay a specified amount to Google. (Basically, you pay Google some amount upfront and with each click, Google deducts the amount and your advertisement appears till that money lasts).

It is not as easy as it appears right now. You need a dependable partner who can devise the best advertising campaign and suggest you the best keywords with optimized rates so that a small amount of money lasts long and for less money, you get more traffic. Even this is not all.

Why is PPC best?

The best part of PPC is, you know from where the visitors are landing on your site and how long they stay and other such information. Google provides all this supplementary info and you can devise your future campaigns. For example, you may know that most people arrive from a particular city. So next time you may start a campaign, which focuses on that city, which would be cheaper and bring maximum visitor footfalls.

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Why Magetrue Solutions Pvt Ltd excels in PPC Campaigns?

We will first analyze your needs, your website, and check its various aspects. We will explain on your budget and all such details. Our experts will then formulate a package, which is cost effective and brings maximum revenue. The vast experienced PPC specialised professionals will make the perfect ad campaigns related to your website, which will boost the traffic and revenue to your website. Our in-house content writers will provide best content to attract visitors. As a result you get the best of both worlds.