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Let’s face this reality right now! The first thing that can fetch you customers is how stunning, how practical your website looks. Website Design is magetrue’s forte and we deliver to you the best possible layout while keeping the target audience in mind. No wonder we are the best web design & development company in gurugram, and many of our competitors try replicating our moves.

Not just Pages for pages’ sake, we design experiences!

A visitor just spends a few seconds analyzing your website. That’s why we believe in our ideology “It’s the Visitors’ Experience that Counts.” Our in-house experts understand your business needs very well. Before going into the layout or design, for that matter, we visualize all the possible presentation ideas of your products, services and messages. We also analyze your competitor’s website before finalizing how you can benefit from their defects (read loopholes). The visitor clicks only if he finds the site attractive, shows all information quickly and the call to action is visible at the right place. We focus on keeping the attraction and interaction intact and monitor visitor’s activity. We always intend to make it a fun browsing experience for the visitor.

We Know How to Present. Everyone Loves Fast Loading Website

“What good is a dish if not decorated well?” Presentation is far more important than harping on what goes inside. If the visitor stays you win and that’s what drives us to strive for. Even Google admits that if the bounce rate is low, it means the website is successful in engaging the visitor. Our Web Design & Development team constantly is on the lookout for new market trends and this is the sole reason why our designs are top notch. Our website designs are optimized for all platforms including mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops. Our developers know how to minimize the website size and where to optimize helping the website to load the fastest. Even Google loves and fast loading websites and ranks higher.

Visitors now prefer shopping from smartphones & mobiles. The concept of Heat Map and Above the Fold help websites present important information faster, even before the website is fully loaded. Reducing the http requests, thoughtful placement of images for faster loading and script concatenation means our websites simply zip through and up in a flash!

Some Salient Features of our in-house website Designers’ Expertise

  • Imagination without limits and sumptuous professional expertise to deliver a website design solution, which is tailored to your specific message. Our experts treat every website designing requirement as an individual challenge and they push themselves to the limits and create something, which is unique and belongs only to you.
  • The experts design & format the graphics for maximum visual impact. We also suggest their placement for maximum visual appeal and use the heat-map technology for maximum eyeball usage. As per situations demands, we may include pictures, caricatures, line drawings, animation, and other popular forms for media presentation.
  • Reconfiguring existing print logos for web use is also included in our services. We offer our services for designing new graphics for print from existing logos used for the web. Our website designers, well versed with latest technology, bundle their creativity and create fresh, innovative and conceptual designs that stand out and make full impact.
  • Speedily loading graphics is what everyone demands and our designs comply fully with this need. Our designs are easy to navigate and always enhance your web pages for good search engine ranking!
  • Though we primarily design for the web, our designers have expertise in creating business stationery, brochures, letterheads/mastheads/envelopes, posters, flyers, catalogs, print advertisements and other business media related products for both online and offline use.
  • Our designs sometimes carry 3D effects, reverse, transparent & semi-transparent graphics and innovative lettering using attractive fonts for quick eye-grabbing effects.
  • We also create PowerPoint presentations complete with audio and video effects and voice-overs, as the case may be.

Sites Visitors Love to Share

After purchasing, most of our visitors share their find. This happens because they love our sites and this is just what the doctor ordered. Websites that satisfy all discerning visitors’ taste and they are happy to announce their choice. Within no time, your website gets a flurry of new visitors and you, as our client, would be all smiles!

You Benefit from All That We Know!

Join us and you get all the technologies at our disposal. You just disclose what your products are and your target audience and we do the rest. Content Development, SEO & SMO optimization, RSS feeds, website promotion, website expansion … everything is available in-house. After all we are gurugram’s best Web Design & Development Company for some reason. We have solid work experience behind our tall claims.

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We deliver to you the best possible layout while keeping the target audience in mind