Web Hosting Services

Indians have woken up to the need for websites especially for eCommerce. Till date, invariably most companies sought foreign hosts for all their web related needs. But there was one problem: Latency, that is, websites took more time opening compared to those hosted in India. After all, network congestion, the distance involved etc. took its sweet time and this delay hampered the online businesses. Even one second delay mattered a lot and today the emphasis is on creating websites hosted on Indian servers.
We also provide hosting services for dedicated solutions for large, medium and small businesses. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure with 99.9% uptime. We also provide full technical support with dedicated staff geared towards total client satisfaction, which allows us to ensure continued business with all clients. Once our client is always ours and we strive to keep it that way. We believe in maintaining long-term relations and work towards this goal 24×7.

What We Offer

Complete Web Hosting Services for everyone including individuals. Right from Shared Web Hosting to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Server Hosting, we provide the best services at market prices. We even offer complete solutions, right from website designing from scratch on multiple platforms like WordPress, Magento, CI etc. We also provide training to your personnel in operations, editing, making suitable changes to the web design, sales, tracking and monitoring too. You name it and we provide it, simple.

Work Culture at Magetrue

Our employees enjoy working with us, we cherish their presence and encourage participation at all levels, and we reward them from time to time, keeping their morale high. Quite naturally, we get exceptional work with full dedication. Most of our clients have praised this policy openly, and wished everyone had similar working conditions and equal opportunities for promotions.

IT Standard Compliant Services

Not only our web hosting services highly reliable, they are compliant with the latest IT industry needs. Our solutions allow quick web hosting with foolproof security, speed, reliability and unblemished client services. As professional webhost, we incorporate latest internet technologies with excellent business strategies and operations for rendering invincible client support and the capability to reach global audience. We have full range of advanced networking system, support services, servers and systems from reputed suppliers.

Continuous Technology Upgradation Policy

We arrange continuous training workshops for our employees enabling them to upgrade to all latest technologies. We also encourage them to learn new concepts and establish new client servicing standards for long lasting client relationships. We proudly admit that all our efforts have borne fruit and all of our technical support staff are second to none. Rest assured, you are in safe hands. Magetrue Solutions Pvt Ltd is progressing in leaps & bounds, and leaves no stone unturned for utmost client satisfaction.